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Artist's Monograph: A Work in Progress


Figuration - Flesh an essential material of being human.

Paint becomes flesh in it's colour, texture, form, fluidity and art historical and personal memory.


The Human Condition - Flesh and Meat are Life

Meat is not the condition to which we are eventually reduced, but the condition we are in now, the condition of life itself.

Reality Painting - Concentrations of Reality

The function of painting is related to creating living images.

Painting with my nerves as raw as meat in a butchers window.

A new painted technical synthesis to provoke a reaction of the nervous system...not the eye but the nerve. I am trying to work as near to my nervous system as I possibly can, opening up areas of feeling, rather than to just illustrate an object. To unlock the valves of sensation, intuition and perception, at a deeper level.

The Human Situation - Recreate reality

Deforming and reforming reality within my paintings, with regards to the human/animal body.

The reality of life, flesh and paint. To paint human forms that relate to the human body but are a complete distortion of it.


Oil paintings which reveal through painting, the human/animal anatomy’s visceral musculature, transience, uncertainty and fragility of existence.

I would like my paintings to be a reconstruction of an event, where the struggle with the object, holds the tension of that struggle in paint and is not just an illustration of that event.


Paintings where the physicality of paint and the image are locked together as one.

The Painting Process


Working from life and my own photographs, where the reality of the subject has been observed, absorbed and

concentrated into the paintings. A life conveyed by reality in paint. 


The Reinvented Painted Image


A very difficult thing to do is to analyse the difference between paint that conveys directly and paint that conveys through illustration. I work between thick and thin paint. Some parts of the painting are very thick, other parts are very thin. To put the paint down in such a way, where instinct and chance, conveys the image immediately onto the nervous system and is not just an illustration...when in fact the paint and the image are the same thing. These

paintings reinvent the ways of remaking appearance, appearance and fact.


To paint the image more immediately deeper and more real-catching the fact, at it's most living and acute point.




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